Friday, November 30, 2012

People You Should Know: Thecoopcosplay

If you watch my YouTube at all, then you know that I totally photo bombed these sweet girls for my own selfish fan girl... problems? Photos?
I am so honored and excited to share the interview I did with The Coop Cosplay trio. They are hands down my all time favorite cosplay group. Before I actually got a chance to meet them, I had seen them so many times online, via Google searches. One, I love Studio Ghibli and two, I always wanted to get the balls to go to conventions. By divine intervention I somehow stumbled upon Anime Expo pictures and saw the greatest Princess Mononoke cosplay I have ever seen. I thought for SURE these were some, hotshot, in the film industry know-it-alls. Are they talented? YES! Are they arrogant big-shots? No! To my pleasant surprise, they are the most down to earth, humble group of people I have ever been so lucky to meet.  If you ever see them at a con, don't think twice about going  up to them! You will not regret it.

The Coop Cosplay let us pose with them at our very first con. The group that gathered blew Our (MS and I)  minds!
Introduce yourselves. 
 SC: Hi I'm Chicken and I'm a full homestuck at this point.
 HS: Hello I'm Hensocks a full college student and cosplay procrastinator!
 RH: Hey I'm RoosterHat and I love videogames and art. (who doesn't?)

How do you know each other? 
 SC: I'm their cousin! Hen and Roost are siblings. We've known eachother since we were but wee babs
 HS: Yep, we all enjoy the same things and happened to be related?? We just don't know.
 RH: ^^^

Tell everyone reading what you do.
 SC: I sleep and eat and poop. ANd cosplay.
 HS: I am a cosplay.
 RH: we make cosplays of things we like!

How did you first get into cosplay? 
 SC: I cosplayed before I knew what it was haha. I think technically my first one was when I was Amaterasu from okami during halloween in like 7th grade. Unintentional cosplaying yeahha!
 HS: I was into anime in 9th grade and a friend of mine told me about cosplay and Anime Expo and it has taken over my life since.
 RH: my first anime experience was on adult swim haha it freaked me out at first but here I am now! My first cosplay experience was when hensocks decided to make a fursuit one day.

Do each of you have your own “super” or should I say specific talent you bring to the table for your cosplay? 
 SC: I collect a ton of crap and bring it to put on our cosplays right before we finish. (like jewelry, wires, fake plants, just weird stuff) Its mostly garbage but hey I have a good eye for garbage let me tell you.
 HS: Not passing out of exhaustion after pulling several all-nighters before the con.
 RH: I keep up the morale of the team with physical comedy that is only funny at 3 in the morning.

How would you describe your cosplay style?
 SC: I like really crazy stuff like monsters and animals! And I like masks a lot. Its much more fun to me when I have my face covered because then I can focus more on acting. 
 HS: I like cosplaying "creatures" more than anything because I feel like you have a lot more to work with and you can become the character much easier.
 RH: Pretty much the same thing as above- I cant describe the feeling I get when Im in costume and I see people's eyes light up haha

What is your favorite/least favorite part about creating? 
 SC: Its the best feeling ever when you're actually done with a cosplay. Its such an accomplished feeling and just really great!! My least favourite part is when I procrastinate and end up doing a ton of stuff is a haze of adrenaline a few hours before the con. OOps....
 HS: One of my favorite parts is planning how we are going to make the costume, the sky is the limit and its super inspiring! The worst part is probably being 99.9% done and having to hem something. I hate to hem anything ever but it looks really nice when you take your time and do it right!
 RH: The worst part is when you are working long and hard on something, but it doesn't turn out right. PM's face was like that for me- the clay i used for it cracked very badly. 

What are your long term goals? 
 SC: I'd like a career with costuming or art involved. Maybe theater arts?? Or animation?? I just want to do what I love and share it with people. Hahaha ha that sounds corny baahh.
 HS: I hope to work in the costuming/prop biz and also what Rooster says!
 RH: I'd love to create my own business with Hen and Saved, selling cosplays or props or whatever stuff we make!

Obviously you guys have a life outside of your quad suits and cosplays, what do you do for fun?
 SC: I do a LOT of fanart. UuU Its addicting.
 HS: I play video games and get inspired to do more cosplays haha!
 RH: Drawing, Videogames, and TV.

Favorite bands?
 SC: Daft Punk. Andrew Jackson Jihad and CAKE too they're so snarky and sarcastic wow I love that kind of music. Oh and some other artists that I really like that deserve more attention are phemiec, soselfimportant, and mysteryskulls!
 HS: OK Go is a huge influence in my life and they are just fantastic people! Oh and they have great music!
 RH: I'll listen to pretty much anything, but recently Ive been really into dubstep. (skrillex, klaypex, bassnecter, NitGrit) I love the feeling of energy and power in it.

What advise would you give to a new cosplayer?
 SC: If you feel nervous about going to a con or meetup just do it! You meet some incredible people and I promise you won't regret it! And don't feel discouraged about your cosplay either. If you feel its not good enough just compare it to YOUR sense of accomplishment. Do as well as you can and enjoy yourself!!
 HS: Don't don't get addicted like us- all your money will disappear!! Haha- it's a lot of fun and and a great way to meet really cool folks!
 RH: Honestly your cosplays aren't going to be very good at first- no one's is- its going to be awkward and ugly- but you cant be discouraged! make more and more and soon you will be a whole lot better!

Any big plans coming up that would like to share?
 SC: YEAAHA WERE GONNA RE-DO OUR PRINCESS MONONOKE COSPLAYS! AnD our groups going to be up two people BECAUSE SPICEY AND MR.SPICEY ARE GOING TO BE A PART OF IT. AAHahhh its gonna be great I'm EXCITED. That's the most exciting plan we have but other than that we have a list of other cosplays maybe we'll post that soon! c: (I'd like to do Lord English someday but thats quite an undertaking.....)
 HS: Horray for new cosplays!!
 RH:besides the mononoke cosplay, I hope to do Zodd the Immortal from Berserk (my favorite manga @.@) and the Songbird from Bioshock Infinite

Can you describe your own personal styles (non cosplay)
 SC: I don't really know what my style is! I dress pretty nicely haha I think I am probably a clique art student (we probably all are).

 **lightning round** 
(say the first thing that comes to mind) 
1. When I say slap, you say?
 HS: Owuch
 RH: ow holy shit why

2. Homestuck

SC:  he l p......,,l'
HS: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
RH: Nicolas Cage

3. Rude

SC: excuseu 
HS: angry LA drivers
RH: when babies cry during a movie >:(


HS: Zombies
RH: Guro art in general or BERSERK!

5. Fast

SC: ssonIC  . ..
HS: not cosplay
RH: gotta go fast hahaaaaah

6. Green

SC: shrek.
HS: delicious peas
RH: ghost slime

7. Magic

HS: how cosplays get done
RH: Ye olde fantasy spells


HS: playin' animal crossing
RH: and you know it (clap your hands)

9. I would die if I met...

SC: Oh probably any of the great people I've met on the internet wow. Or celebrities like Cumberbatch or somethin wow I'd have a heart attack.
HS: Harrison Krix, Bill Doran, Melita Curphy and every great prop maker ever
RH: Jensen Ackles/Jared Paladecki/MishaColins/MichealCHall/Kentaro Miura (author of berserk)

10. SPiCEY

SC: y o u !!! OuO ...... OR my friend's deadly hot curry wow HOW ABOUT NO. 
HS: Aaaaawww so cute!!
RH: adorableness! 

Doh! Cosplay n00b move number 1... visible badge strap.

Please, please, if you don't already (yeah right ^.~) go follow The Coop Cosplay!  

Stay golden^^