Saturday, January 26, 2013

Home style cookin'

 My friends and I all went out to try some "home style cooking" a few nights ago. I had absolutely no idea what it was about but I figured it would be a carb filled night. You know I love me some carbs.  Anyways this is Chewy and Hwilliams, our favorite couple to apparently get fat with.
 Awwww they have couple photos on their bank cards.
 This is our home style cooking veteran. Without her with us, we all would have been lost when ordering. Without MrSPiCEY and I,  dinner would have started on time. It is a long and ridiculous story.

 Ok you guys, I can really eat a lot of food. Should I? Probably not, but if it is delicious you better wield a samurai sword, because that is the only way to make me consider parting with a tasty meal. I ordered the mac-n-cheese, mashed potatoes and gravy and BBQ hot links. Did I mention every order comes with cornbread? Yeah... goodbye any progress from juicing I had made that week.  
 Crazy amount of food aside, that night was so much fun. As for now, I am battling one of the most annoying colds of my adult life.

In other news, my dog Nobu ate his poop today. Ew.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

What is Real Gorgeous anyway?

Welcome to Real Gorgeous! It isn't improper grammar, it is a way of viewing yourself. All those girls you see on TV or see on magazines seem so untouchable and frankly, unrealistic ideals of what we should all be. It is time to take a step back and ask yourselves what makes you... you? The real you is what matters most, you're beautiful and there is only one of you out there. My good friend bellabeauty1993 and I have teamed up to make these videos for all of you. When you watch Real Gorgeous videos we hope you feel like you belong.

What started off as a simple idea for my friend and I to hang out more, turned into something I have always wanted to do. We now have a set monthly video segment on YouTube and couldn't be happier. We really wanted to make it fun by trying out things that were popular, and giving our honest  opinions on them. In the future we are going to try weird, and potentially ugly ( To us anyways) fashion trends, and even pour our hearts out. I'm tried of all these girls knocking other girls. I want to bring my positivity and self confidence to the camera and maybe help anyone out there that needs it.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

People you should know: Bryson John Photography

This picture is old school! I think it is from 2009.  
 I have know Bryson John Photography for a while now, and I must say his ever-growing talent floors me. I love his style, and working with him makes me feel like I am in some studio in LA getting big shot pictures taken.  What first drew me to Bryson, was his hair. He looked like a real life version of Cloud from FF7.... We had to be friends. (All of my People you should know posts make me seem like a real creep....) Our old roommate actually got a job where Bryson John worked and the rest is history. No matter how far his studio is, MrSPiCEY and I will travel hours and hours just to get a shoot with Bryson. Please go support him! If you live in the area please contact him, you will not be sorry. 

Can you tell the people reading what you are all about?

"Well, a long time ago I set out to just be me! Every day I try to remind myself to be the best me possible without trying to copy someone else's identity. Am I talking about my actual person or my photography? I think it applies to both. I enjoy taking pictures of people and I want others (clients) to be able to experience that and explore the talent I have to offer without making them feel like I'm digging into their pockets."

When did you first know you wanted to do photography?
"I think everyone sometime in their life have picked up a camera and snapped a pretty sweet shot and just said, "Wow, that's awesome!" Some people pursue that feeling and some do not. It's easy to pick up a great camera and take spectacular shots right out of the box given technology now, but for other photographers like myself, we enjoy the experience and the entire process/technique of it all which is something I had a passion for very early on in grade school." 

What sets you apart from all the rest? 

"Probably my hair! But more seriously, I think many people are pleasantly surprised at the quality I can render and the level of editing or post-processing they get, especially for the price point."
What is your favorite thing to take pictures of? 
"People, People, People! Never do you get the same face or the same personality and each shoot is always different."

What was your most memorable moment as a photographer? 
"My first completely nude shoot. Let's just say I've never had more fun playing with paint!"

Is there anyone (craft wise) that you look up to? 
"Not in particular really. I like to be humbled at other people's photography, but I don't have anyone I particular look up to."

Anyone you would love to shoot? 
"If I could get the opportunity to do a shoot with P!nk, my entire creative professional career would be complete. She's pretty badass."

What do you do when you are not behind the camera? 
"I work! I spend a lot of time in Photoshop. I do enjoy watching television and am very fond of The Walking Dead! How amazing would it be to do a shoot filled with zombies!?"

Describe your style.

"Definitely modern. Even if the venue doesn't depict it, the model is always modern and stylish. I like realism too. My photographic work is never soft and my models are generally finely detailed and easy to focus on."

What do you want people to get out of your pictures? 
"I want people to see it and believe it! If my client doesn't think "Wow", then I haven't done my job."


What is the influence behind your personal style?

"I'd like to think I am! Surely most of that is right, but I'd have a huge ego to think that other people's creativity hasn't found its way into my own work. It's how things grow and change. I'm down for change and I would hope that someone somewhere has taken a little of what I offer and made it into their own as well. This is how everything moves forward."

Ok lightning round! I want you to say the first thing that comes to 



2.Black and white 
"That Michael Jackson song"




"my world"




"i just can't bring myself to say it"

Thank you so much for your time! Is there one last thing you want
 people to know? 

"Let's just rock each other's lives!"

Where can they find you?